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Alpaca Fiber
Alpacas were a cherished treasure of the ancient Inca civilization.
Domesticated over 5000 years ago in the harsh climate of the Andes Mountains
of South America, they provided clothing, shelter, fuel and food.

Alpacas produce one of the worlds finest and most luxurious natural fibers.
Soft as cashmere, warmer, lighter and stronger than wool, it is recognized by
the worldwide fiber market in 22 natural colors. Ranging from pure white
through fawn, browns to a true jet black. Colors shade out from steel blue to
pale silver and even a vibrant rose-grey, our favorite!

Alpaca has a natural, rich luster, with a silky feel. It blends well with wool,
mohair and silk and dyes easily. For the spinner trying this fiber unblended for
the first time a little more twist than is usual for wool and a soft ply will give the
desired result. If alpaca is plied with a high crimp wool both fibers must be
washed as singles. The wool has a tendency to shrink more than Alpaca and
can produce a spiral yarn if this isn't done. An easy way to produce a designer
yarn if that suits your requirements!