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We are proud to announce the consignment of a fantastic young gray male  
from our breeding program to the Star Events Breeders Edge Auction on
October 2nd & 3rd at Double O Good Alpacas In Virginia.
Named for the character in the Star Trek TV series, this stunning gray son of
Dom Lucilio is a young stud that can bring your breeding program to the
forefront of gray genetics.  It was a very difficult decision to place Captain
Kirk up for sale.  He was our farm's first cria and he has never disappointed
us.  Captain Kirk is a 3-time Champion gray male and also boasts a win under
Maggie Krieger at the 2003 Great Western Alpaca Show in the MSG Juvenile
Male class.  Everyone agrees, Captain Kirk is one of Dom Lucilio's top sons
in the country and is currently one of only two registered gray sons out of
134 Dom Lucilio offspring.  Already settling females, he is ready to start taking
gray genetics in alpacas to the next level.  We are so impressed with the value
this male offers for the future, that we are retaining 10 breedings to him.  If
you are serious about breeding for gray then you should consider letting
Captain Kirk pilot your gray breeding program where it has never gone
Sales for $35,000 at Auction